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Plaster Matching

Send us an image of your existing cornice or plasterwork and we will try to find it in our ornamental range. If your particular piece is not in our range, we may know where to get it. If not, we can advise you on a substitute or the feasibility of creating a matching piece.

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Restoration & Bespoke

Decorative plaster mouldings have a long an interesting history. They were used in Australia soon after European settlement and have been used continuously ever since.

While this long history adds variety to the range it has an inherant problem, many manufactureres have ceased business and many moulds have been lost or deliberately destroyed when fashions have changed.

This means that a large number of plaster moulds are no longer available.
This is where F Vitale & Sons restoration service can help.

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We can help with installation of your ornamental plaster and Gyprock. Call us to speak to our experts about achieving the highest quality finish for your plastering job.

Large ornate plaster mouldings need expert installation to achieve their ultimate potential.

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How To Guides

Specifying Radius Arches