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Profile Styles & Sizes

A radius arch can be manufactured with any of the below arch profiles.

The width is the critical measurement as the arch is ordered by outside diameter, but the frame must be built to the inside diameter. This is calculated: Outside diameter – Profile width = Inner frame dimension.

Arch Profile AP4000 – width 105mm is the most commonly ordered profile for radius arches.

This profile is available in several other sizes, AP4001, AP4002 and AP403 (see below), but the 105mm is the most versatile.

This size suits the height at which arches are usually installed in Victorian homes. Unless the arch is extremely big or extremely small this size will usually be in proportion to the other decoration in the room.

AP4001- width 65mm
AP4002 – width 90mm
AP4003-width 150mm
AP401-width 121mm
AP402-width 140mm
AP403-width 95mm
AP404-width 27mm
Depth 25mm
AP405-width 88mm Depth 18mm
AP406-width 75mm Depth 22mm

AP407-width 106mm Depth 35mm
AP408-width 152mm Depth 53mm
AP409-width 50mm Depth 18mm
AP410-width 86mm Depth 86mm
AP411-width 82mm Depth 82mm
AP412-width 160mm Depth 30mm
AP413-width 68mm Depth 23mm
AP414-width 140mm Depth 18mm
AP415-width 150mm Depth 58mm