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Website Terms of Use

This information is presented as a means of providing an introduction to the operations and products of F Vitale & Sons Pty Ltd. The information is being continuously updated. It is not provided with the intention of arriving at a contractual relationship. It is not provided with the intention of giving a comprehensive understanding of the way in which our products perform or their suitability for use in any particular environment or circumstance – such an understanding should be based on technical manuals which relate to the product at the time of manufacture and on the advice of those qualified to advise on such matters.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

All Quotations and Sales from F Vitale & Sons Pty Ltd, the company, are subject to these Terms and Conditions


All prices quoted by the company are current for 30 days from date of document unless otherwise noted in the quotation.

Any alterations to quantities or products will cause the entire quote to be reassessed.


All delivery times are an estimate as it is impossible to predict precise conditions at the time of dispatch and traffic conditions encountered during delivery.

In the event of a dispatched delivery being unable to be unloaded at the delivery address an abortive delivery charge will be incurred.


The company shall retain title to all goods until payment is make in full.

The company retains the right to inspect any purchased items prior to installation.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure all goods are stored in a safe and secure manner, protected from the weather and moisture until such time as the goods are used.

Any claim for redress due to damage should be lodged within 7 days of receipt.

The purchaser shall enable the company to inspect any goods subject to a damage claim.

All items must be installed as per manufacturers recommendations.