Elegant Plaster Arches Melbourne

Plaster arches add a stylish finish to any period home.  They are often used in entry ways to provide visual impact on first entering the building.

Most Victorian homes in Melbourne featured a radius arch in the hall. It provided ornamentation and helped break up a long unwelcoming hallway.

Depending on the ornamentation they can either be welcoming or intimidating.  A homeowner would usually opt for welcoming to greet people entering their home.

They can also be used above alcoves to provide interest and ornament.

What’s more, they provide decoration around square openings usually between rooms especially where 2 rooms have been opened into one.

What makes our Melbourne plaster designs special?

It’s Vitale’s endless attention to detail that makes us one of Melbourne’s premier plaster ornament producers. With this in mind, you can expect the following from our experts:

  • Beauty: Our plaster arches are revered across the city for their beauty. Creating a grand entrance that makes any guest feel welcome is exactly what our spectacular designs do for your home or business. Their elegance is unmatched and they are designed to optimise your space's sense of luxurious wonder.
  • Quality: We have maintained our commitment to quality for many years and will produce something of the highest standard for you, too. We use the best equipment and materials to produce designs that invigorate your home or business whilst being made to last. You won’t just look in awe at your stunning installation - you will know it is there for a long time to come.
  • Passion: Our passionate team is always happy to speak with new clients about their stylish design ideas. We will consult with you about the style you seek and quickly go to work on ensuring we can create something that you are truly proud to call part of your home or workplace.

Want to find out more from our Melbourne team?

The Vitale experts are here to discuss your upcoming project and what our plastering professionals can do to optimise it. We love hearing about new projects and see them as an exciting opportunity to create a beautiful new design. So, all you have to do is call us on +61 03 9375 4666 Essendon to see what our plastering pros can do for you.

Alternatively, send us an inquiry message via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you require.

Custom Arches

F. Vitale & Sons can custom build them to your design requirements. We have made ranges from huge radius styles, through very wide elliptical designs, and on to elaborate panelled varieties. They provide a striking centre point for the entire house. To some extent every one of our designs is custom made, a radius is made to suit the width of the passage or hall and a square variety uses extension pieces or trimming to suit its location. Additionally, the choice of corbel can radically alter the appearance of an arching entrance.