One Finish 20KG is the finishing compound for the perfect finish.  This is the king of topping compounds for when only the best will do.


A$162.60 Excluding GST $178.86 Inc GST


Gyprock One Finish is a pre-mixed acrylic compound designed to create a uniform surface on interior plasterboard or fibre cement walls and ceilings affected by critical lighting conditions.  A class 5 finish uses One Finish one top of a carefully prepared frame and meticulously hung board with accurately applied base coats.

Product Overview

One Finish reduces the difference in porosity, texture and sheen between board and jointing compound, to create a uniform white surface ready for decoration.

Due to its superior hiding power, it can be used as part of a level 5 finish specification under AS/NZS 2589.

Typical Applications

One Finish is rolled or sprayed directly onto the wall or ceiling, eliminating the need for trowel application. It is easy to sand, and where a level of final texture is acceptable, sanding is not required prior to the painting process. A polyester 10-12mm nap is recommended for general roller application, and the product should be allowed to dry for 16-24 hours prior to final painting and decoration. One Finish can also be applied onto already painted surfaces after lightly sanding.