Easy-Flow Topping 15kg is a great all round topping compound.


A$49.80 Excluding GST $54.78 Inc GST


Gyprock Easy-Flow is lightweight all-purpose jointing compound specially developed for mechanical application, with excellent tape adhesion, trowelling and feathering properties.

Product Overview

Easy-Flow is a versatile all-purpose jointing compound used for all coats in a three coat jointing system. This low VOC formulation is available in a convenient premixed form that has been developed to provide exceptional out-of-machine flow for mechanical application.

Each coat dries and hardens in approximately 24 hours ready for recoating or sanding.

Typical Applications

Gyprock Easy-Flow is typically used for each coat in a three coat jointing system in residential and commercial walls and ceilings. It is specifically designed for application with mud boxes, automatic tapers and other machine tools.