Paper Tape 50mm for high strength plaster joints.  Use in corner and on tiling substrate where strength and crack resistance are of paramount importance.



Create the strongest joint with Gyprock Paper Tape – a high tensile, spark perforated tape, laid into the first coat.

Product Overview

Paper Tape is designed to strengthen joints when embedded in the first coat of the jointing system. 50mm wide Paper Tape is creased along the centre line to provide a crisp finish for corners and improved performance in automatic taping tools. Available in 75m and 150m rolls, it has a rough texture for better adhesion and spark perforations to allow the compound to permeate its surface.

Paper Tape is embedded in the first coat of a three coat jointing system to improve strength and resist cracking in joints and corners.

It’s ideal for use on wall and ceiling joints and can be used in fire rated systems.