Gyprock Aquachek water resistant plasterboard for residential applications.

Great for bathrooms, laundries, ensuites and toilets.



Aquachek is a water-resistant plasterboard form the gyprock range.

Ideal for wet areas in residential applications.

The core, face and back of Gyprock Aquachek 10mm are treated to make it resistant to moisture and humidity without compromising integrity. It is specifically designed for use as a wall and ceiling lining in wet areas of residential buildings. It can be easily identified by its blue coloured face paper.

In residential projects Gyprock Aquachek 10mm is ideal for use in bathrooms, laundries, ensuites, toilets and protected external ceilings like soffits and verandahs.

Because Aquachek 10mm is not subject to moisture movement and has extremely low water absorption characteristics, it provides an excellent, stable substrate for ceramic tiles.