CODE cn449

CN449 Ceiling 310mm Wall 200mm Length 4.2m

Recommended Ceiling Height 3.0 to 3.6 metres

Price per 4.2m length


A$152.37 Excluding GST $167.61 Inc GST


CN449 is a Contemporary cornice.

Cornice CN449 is the largest cornice of the CN450, CN10 series.

These three cornices make up a coordinated range suitable for ceiling ranging from 2.4 metres to at least 3.6 metres.

They are based on the timeless cyma recta curve but with a bit more decoration than the plain CN405 or CN61. They are eminently suitable for contemporary homes requiring a clean modern look.

The curved section creates a shadow effect adding intrerest and drama to cornice.

A large cornice is frequently used in major rooms and its smaller brother is installed in utiliy rooms, creating a coordinated feel without over dressing the smaller rooms.