CODE cn2279

CN2279 Ceiling 275mm Wall 217mm Length 4.05m

Recommended Ceiling Height 3.6 metres and above

Price per 4.05m length


A$265.00 Excluding GST $291.50 Inc GST


CN2279 is an Italianate cornice.

This large ornate corbel cornice captures the feeling of lush opulence of the Italianate era better than any other piece in our range.

CN2279 enables you to recreate the feeling of grandeur that was the hallmark of the Victorian mansions.  Sweeping ball rooms, intimate salons, grand formal rooms, stately dining rooms, comfortable drawing rooms and of course the formal lounge, these were the public rooms that enabled a Victorian industrialist to show his success to the world.

It was not uncommon to use corbel cornices only in the most important rooms and use gutter cornices elsewhere.  The servants’ quarters were usually square set, devoid of all decoration.  These days even back bedrooms are considered worthy of decoration.

The gallery for Italianate cornices shows very grand rooms but it is also possible to use this cornice to add artistic flair to any high-ceilinged room or use CN419 in rooms with lower ceilings.