CSR Base Coats 20 – 90 min. working life.



Specially formulated for use with jointing tapes in the first and second coat in a three coat plasterboard jointing system, Gyprock Base Coats are renowned for their quality and joint strength.

Product Overview

Base Coats are a setting type jointing compound that provides superior tape adhesion and joint strength. They are used for the first and second coat in a three coat jointing system, along with jointing tapes. Joints may be finished with any Gyprock topping or all-purpose compound and sanded smooth prior to decoration.

Base Coats are available in powder form and are mixed with water to a workable paste. Four different options are available in the Base Coat range, each with a defined setting time for varying applications:

  • Base Coat 20 – 20 min. working life for smaller projects and patching
  • Base Coat 45 – 45 min. working life for medium projects
  • Base Coat 60 – 60 min. working life for medium – large projects
  • Base Coat 90 – 90 min working life for larger projects

Typical Applications

Gyprock Base Coat is typically used for the first and second coat in a three coat jointing system in residential and commercial walls and ceilings. These coats are used to bed in the jointing tape before applying a topping coat. Base Coat 20 is designed for hand application while the other variants can be applied with hand tools, mud boxes, automatic tapers and other machine tools.