Gyprock Shaft Liner MP provides enhanced protection against mould growth for extra peace of mind during the early stages of construction.

Product Overview

Shaft Liner MP, like standard Shaft Liner panel has a glass fibre-reinforced core encased in a heavy duty linerboard. This enables it to resist fire and make it ideal for use as part of a fire rated wall or ceiling system. These panels also offer exceptional acoustic insulation properties and are used in Gyprock commercial wall and ceiling systems where a high fire rating or high acoustic performance is specified.

New Shaft Liner MP panel is manufactured with a powerful but gentle antifungal agent that permeates the plasterboard core, as well as the face and back paper of the board, providing enhanced protection against the possibility of mould growth during the early stages of construction.

Gyprock Shaft Liner MP Panel can be identified by its blue coloured face paper.

Typical Applications

Shaft Liner MP is predominantly specified for the internal barrier lining within Gyprock fire and/or acoustic wall and ceiling systems such as Party Wall Systems.

Typical applications include:

•Intertenancy walls and party walls
• Multi-residential unit ceilings
• Stairwells
• Lift wells
• Service shafts