Cemintel Ceminseal® Wallboard is a fibre cement internal lining used primarily in wet areas and sheltered external positions.

It’s a superior wet area lining designed and tested for compliance and peace of mind.  Not only does the fibre cement resist damage from water, the Ceminseal coating with water block technology repels water. The result is higher water resistance than other products on the market.

9mm Wallboard is usually used in commercial applications but is ideal for residential use where the wall may be subject to rough use.

Ceminseal Wallboard can be fixed to either timber or steel frames.

Ceminseal Wallboard features an embedded water block technology that prevents water from penetrating the sheet.

High adhesive properties provide an excellent substrate for tiled finishes.

Cemintel fibre cement sheets can be used where non-combustible material is required, in accordance with the NCC Volume One clause C2D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions and Vol. 2 H3D2 (1)(d).

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